Our vision is that all business activity is run from a perspective of sustainability, to create profitability for the owners and at the same time create added value for our customers. We achieve this by focusing our property development on the great housing needs among senior citizens and recently arrived immigrants and constructing our properties through efficient housing production, combined with letting our properties for cooperative housing.

We do this by cooperating with experienced entrepreneurs and interested municipalities and by providing quality-controlled and flexible apartment modules which can be used for easy and fast construction of purpose-built housing.

By this we also give others the opportunity to build suitable and cost-effective housing for students and young people or temporary housing for the initial reception of refugees in the municipalities.

The hallmarks of Reinhold are long-term planning, credibility and societal responsibility. Our projects are characterised by ecological sustainability, cost-efficiency and added value. Our housing is characterised by inclusivity, well-being and socioeconomic sustainability.