The history of Reinhold

In the late 1950’s, Reinhold Gustafsson decided to implement the idea of building traditional Swedish functionalist buildings and combining high quality with reasonable rents, an idea which made Reinhold one of Sweden’s most famous property developers. Inspired by the belief in creating win-win solutions in all business arenas, Reinhold Gustafsson often said that “it is better to own a stake in many projects, each offering reasonable profit, than to own a few projects with high profit”. Already back in 2004, Reinhold Gustafsson saw the possibilities that cooperative housing, a new form of letting at the time, opened up for the creation of suitable housing for the young and the elderly. This is all history today, but the heritage lives on in the visions of the company and its day-to-day business, with the same ambitions as always: to create sustainable housing for the needs of the future.